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360 Bio-Individual Health Reset

One of a kind, comprehensive approach to get to the bottom of your metabolic and gut health concerns, when needed, we consult your genetics.

Tested and validated from clients worldwide


Nutrigenomics is the science that studies the impact that lifestyle and nutrition have on our genes and their genetic expression. 

Genetic testing helps us discover exactly how your DNA makeup impacts your hormones, sleep, inflammation, detoxification, immunity, health and more. 

This forward thinking information helps us tailor personalised Nutrition &  Lifestyle protocols to support your genes so you feel optimal and age youthfully.


Nutrition & Lifestyle are heavily researched to best manage and possibly reverse chronic conditions, as well as reach optimal health.

We combine science with the wisdom of life for you to achieve optimal health through evidence-based, bespoke nutrition and lifestyle guidance. 

Nutrition & Lifestyle are the most  important pillars that play a fundamental role in your health and well-being.


We use Functional Medicine approach to understanding you as a whole person, not just the presenting set of symptoms at one given point. 

This allows us to investigate and identify the root cause of your health concerns – putting you, the client, at the centre of the recovery. 

The personalized recommendations, nutritional and supplement protocols are based on cutting edge lab testing and health history so to best support you right where you are. 


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Everything You Need, to Look and Feel Better than You Ever Have


You are not sure what you need and where to start? 

This is exactly the purpose of this comprehensive call. We will assess:

  • what your body needs at the current state of health 
  • what specific dietary and & lifestyle modification to implement 
  • what else you can consider to further find answers to optimize your health 

Thorough health questionnaire assessment + 1 hour consultation with recommendations. 

All at £79


We don't have “good” or “bad” genes, but rather "good" or " bad lifestyle influencing how your genes are expressed. 

Genetic testing, based on Nutrigenomics, gives insights on how to support gene expression for optimal cellular functioning focusing on four key areas:

  • Nutrition 
  • Weight Management 
  • Exercise Response
  • Biological Processes. 

Based on your specific genetic variations, you'll learn how to support each of these key biological areas to enhance your overall health.

3 combined genetic testing + detailed reports + 1 hr consultation for interpretation. 

All at £470


Metabolic & Gut Health Reset programme focuses on two key fundamentals of health, Metabolism and Gut Health

Apart from improving the gut health, people safely and permanently lose 7-11 kg on average. Our approach, unlike any other programme out there, simultaneously addresses what:

  • hinders weight loss and impairs gut health
  • digestion, sleep, stress, movement, toxins 
  • genetics and other lifestyle factors

Clear structure what to do every day + weekly calls + lifelong access + more

Starting at £1199

Our Signature Metabolic & Gut Health Reset programme is designed to get to the root cause of your persistent gut health concerns, weight roller-coaster, and hormone imbalances.

Real People, Real Results

Six-week progress

Six-week progress

Six-week progress

Six-week progress

Six-week progress

Ten-week progress

What you see in the pictures above, and countless more beyond this screen, are busy, high-level executives and parents like many of you; with one difference

They are graduates of Metabolic & Gut Health Reset programme. The transformation in their appearance is the tip of the iceberg, yet what the eye can’t see is all the below:  

  • your body permanently releases the extra weight
  • your hormones get balanced
  • your blood sugar levels get stabilised
  • your moods are not all over the place
  • your aches and pains are no longer there  
  • your bloating and digestive issues disappear
  • your blood pressure normalises
  • your energy levels will increase
  • your acne and skin issues fade
  • you'll look and feel the best you've ever have

Most importantly you experience improved health, improved relationships, improved professional and family life.

You can put an end to endless online research, trial & error figuring out what diets, supplements and nutrition advice is best for you.

We’ve done all the work for you!

Get expert and educated advice with years of clinical practice and proven to work interventions, plus we consult your genes too.

Our approach is personalised, simple, yet comprehensive so that your health is addressed from the fundamentals up and fits your everyday life.


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