“Choosing our Signature Metabolic & Gut Health Reset programme means you are consciously deciding to take a firm step in your journey to achieving optimal health. 

You will successfully address the root cause of your persistent digestive symptoms, weight issues, and hormonal imbalances.”

Ready to move beyond managing symptoms and achieve permanent results like these?


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What is included in each Programme

Learning, implementing and accountability is what you'll experience with us, so that you eliminate the frustration and the overwhelm that makes you slip into your own old habits. And it fits in your busy schedule!

This is how Powerful our Signature Programme is.

• 10 Weeks of Life Changing Nutrition and Health Strategies • Step by Step Comprehensive Instruction Manual, Recipe Book, Shopping List • 60-minute On-boarding Consultation • Weekly 60-minute Live Q&A • Weekly Educational Material • Weekly Actionable Tasks • Private Portal and Personalised App to track your Progress • Access to Private Chat Group for Support and Accountability • Two 30-minute Individual Consultations • Direct Daily Chat • Lifelong Access to the Programme

Everything in the Starter plus: • Genetic Testing • Comprehensive Genetic Reports • Genetic test Interpretation & Consultation

Work with Me for One full Year • Everything in Starter and Longevity plus: • Two comprehensive Gut Health tests, start & exit • Detailed Health Questionnaire and Analysis • Monthly 60-minute Individual Consultations • Repeat the programme at no additional cost - 12 Months Support • Personalised App to keep track of Progress • Payment plans are available

It’s Time to Say Goodbye To:

  • Chronic Digestive Issues
  • Unexplained Inflammation and Pain
  • 7 to 11 kilos of extra weight
  • Low Energy Levels
  • Brain Fog
  • Sluggish Metabolism
  • Intense Workouts
  • Endless Interventions that Don’t Work
  • Trying Various Diets and Pills
  • Cravings and Emotional Eating

Three of the most common questions

We hear this often from new clients who feel they've done everything they can to get better. However, once we work with them, it's clear that there are still many stones left unturned and so many other healing modalities they can try!

We all have the same amount of time in a day, and time passes whether we're healthy or not, but unless we act and commit to doing what is right for our health, the time will be filled with other things. To make the most of your time we have designed a well-structured programme with accountability so you don’t waste time thinking what you’ll do next.

We live in the era of information overload, yet the most valuable information you need is the knowledge of what's going on inside your body. We provide you with expert insights into your personal health challenges and give you sustainable tips that you can immediately start implementing to overcome your health challenges!

You’ll love the way you look and feel!