Diets Don't Work, Genetics Do


What does it mean for you?

We would look at fundamental areas for optimal health highlighting specific metabolic pathways that may require extra support:


  1. Provide recommendations on optimisation of quantities of certain nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  2. Suggest whether an individual is better able to reduce their cholesterol levels through diet versus medication
  3. Provide an indication of the degree of susceptibility to the harmful effects of carcinogens ingested in the diet
  4. Information on specific food reactivities and important vitamin metabolising.


We take it even a step further, targeted at individuals who want to:

  1. Lead more effectively (in business, sport and life)
  2. Cope better under stressful and demanding conditions
  3. Enhance their mental, emotional and physical health
  4. ...and who doesn't?

Where to start?

Here's how it work:

  • Once you place the order, a test kit will be shipped to your door step
  • Follow the instruction in the test kit and mail it back to the address provided
  • Results usually take between 3-5 week
  • When the results are in, I will advise to schedule a call for interpretation of your reports