What clients say about working with us

- Patrik B. -

"I joined the program with the aim to lose weight, gain energy and prevent undesired health conditions. Whilst I never will know for sure whether by doing a gut reset have prevented future health conditions (I certainly hope so), I certainly both lost weight and gained energy and in six weeks I was down 10 kilos! This is the first diet I have ever completed successfully, and what helped me was that I was kept to account with my eating combined with all the amazing support, both from Elma and the online community where I met people going through exactly what I was going through. I was never truly hungry (my biggest fear. I now have achieved the lowest weight I have had since I was in my late 20s, but I can also honestly say that I am feeling a lot more energetic than I have for years, and that's without almost any scheduled exercising.

This programme has made me a changed man, everyone I know comments on my new and slim frame, and I feel great to the point that I no longer feel like taking naps, a habit I have had for most of my adult life. I wholeheartedly recommend this programme for everyone; it is so easy to follow as everything is set up, tried and tested. If I can succeed, then anyone can!"

- Alex C. -

"Ten kilos lighter and ten extra years. This is what I got from Elma’s gut reset programme, perhaps even more. I’m 176cm and used to weigh 81-82kgs. I’ve always worked out a lot (4-5 times a week), but my diet was awful, ordering in or takeaway for almost every meal. I had very high cholesterol levels and my gut usually felt bloated and inflamed. Turning 40, I was entering the risk group for cardiovascular diseases. I knew I had to change my diet but struggled with how to begin and accountability. 

I saw the results Elma’s programme had on my colleague and decided to give it a shot. In six weeks, I lost 12kgs, learned how to cook healthy and got a proper understanding of why the body needs the right type of “fuel” to function optimally. I also learned how to link that up with my day-to-day groceries shopping. I have now stabilised at around 71-72kgs and I’m sure this has added at least 10 years to my life. I work out less than I used to, but still feel much healthier. My biggest win is that I now cook myself every day, and I enjoy it a lot. Elma was a great support for me throughout the whole programme and still is. I would recommend this to anyone who knows they should make lifestyle changes but does not know where to start."